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Snorri Travel
is family-owned...



Although Milljonina has said her goodbyes, she will always be the soul of our story

The adventure began with Milljonina 

 Snorri Travel´s story started in 1987 with an antique bus called Milljonina. As the name suggests it was purchased for one million ISK but the "jonina" was a reference to the name of our founder "Jon"

 Milljonina soon worked for her keep and became the foundation of what was to become a successful adventure

The Icelandic name of the company is "Ævintýri" which means "adventure" and an adventure it certainly has been. Many stories could be told from our 35 years of traveling around Iceland but each and every one of them has a happy ending

Our saga

The story is still being written, and we can´t wait for the next chapter

Our beginning

  Meet our 


Jón Þór Ólafsson_edited.jpg

Meet Jón, our founder

 Jón Þór ólafsson founded the company 35 years ago, and he is still the head of the team and the backbone of the business

Jon is not only one of the most experienced drivers you will find in Iceland but also a trained helmsman

Last but not least he is a mechanic with a special passion for maintaining and changing vehicles that suit Iceland's extreme conditions

Every story has a begining...

 35 years of amazing adventures  

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